de los

Installation, mate finish.

This installation is part of a typographic recovery project rescueing and remodeling vanishing neighbourhoods. It’s about identity in cities, about its inhabitants and their acquired value making history.


Fotografía a cargo de Marcos Cebrián.

Fotografía a cargo de Marcos Cebrián.

Fotografía a cargo de Marcos Cebrián.


An invitation to remain aware in the city. This is my hommage to a place desired by many, a historical place in the centre of Valencia. A place that gives the inhabitants of Valencia memorable experiences, a landmark in the city, where history is engraved in the collective memory of citizens.

calle casa de los caramelos

The billboard I created serves as a way to locate oneself. The artistic and typographic value can be found in my aim to immortalise the essence of this landmark. Many other places in the ever-changing city do not withstand the fast pace and | continuous movement.


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